Do you want to please your adventurous child? Look no further and opt for a very fashionable jungle birthday decoration right now. You will make your child and his friends happy by allowing them to party in an atmosphere of escape, freedom and madness! A purely green décor will give the feeling of being in the jungle, in the middle of nature. 

Let your child see life in green for a day! Invite nature into your home with various tropical decoration  and savannah accessories. . 

To successfully organize your child’s birthday party, take inspiration from our various tips on decorating birthday nature. And check out our best selection of jungle-themed decorative cushions to bring a tropical jungle air to your couch!

What is an anniversary jungle décor?

An anniversary jungle décor is a tropical and exotic atmosphere where nature is put in the spotlight. It allows children to slip into the shoes of Tarzan, Mowgli or the King of the Jungle! This very trendy type of décor evokes adventure to perfection. To organize a birthday in this  trendytheme, start by understanding what it is exactly!

They’re wild animals

Jungle necessarily means wild animals. You can’t achieve a festive savannah decoration without the jungle animals! Tiger, monkey, parrot, pink flamingo, zebra, lion, bear or giraffe will be in the spotlight. These will make your jungle décor live and give it a realistic touch that will delight the little ones! 

They can be present through wall stickers, XXL deco posters, inflatable balloons or birthday candles. You can also opt for a feline for the piata and choose animal motifs for table decoration. 

For an assured atmosphere, you can even bring animal masks so that children can embody their favorite wild animals during the festival. A fun and original idea that will delight children and adults alike!


Bring nature into your interiors by abusing vegetation for a total change of scenery for a moment. A jungle decoration anniversary close to reality will make children dream. Large palm leaves, garlands of exotic leaves, natural branches will be welcome! In the absence of natural vegetation, you can find wallpaper or wall posters, adorned with lush vegetation symbolizing the jungle to perfection. 

And tropical colors

Tropical colors will invade the interiors to achieve a savannah anniversary decoration! All variations of green will be at the rendezvous, the yellow will energize the whole, while the pink flamingo or orange will give it pep. All dynamic colours are allowed for a lively and festive atmosphere.

Tropical Salon Makeover: Bring nature décor into the home!

Jungle deco ideas, for a birthday at the top!

Want to take your child on a journey for this special day for him? Don’t hesitate and opt for the birthday jungle décor. With our punchy anniversary deco ideas, you’ll be sure to impress all the guests and teleport them to another universe!

We’re dressing the walls!

Feel free to dress up your walls to create a realistic jungle atmosphere. Adorn them with large exotic foliage and hang garlands of vegetation here and there in the room. If you can’t get natural leaves, use your creativity to make original DIY foliage or exotic floral arrangements. 

Jungle themed deco posters can also be your best allies. They can cover a section of wall to ensure the tropical atmosphere. Wallpaper is also another alternative. Don’t hesitate to stick animal-patterned stickers on the walls for an impressive effect. Otherwise, it is also possible to create a bamboo wall for a natural effect that is out of the ordinary!

We play on all shades of green

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Green is the flagship colour of an anniversary jungle décor! This color will be ubiquitous in the room on all its shades. The  decorative cushions  will also have shades of green necessarily!

From apple green to khaki green, to bottle green, emerald and pistachio… It is abused through the various decorative accessories, up to the table, or even in the food to be served. Of course, nothing prevents you from creating a nice contrast with a few touches of colors like gold, orange, beige, brown, or yellow. 

We’re adding wild animal decorations.animaux sauvages

Wild animal decorations will be a must on a savannah-themed anniversary. Remember to hang monkeys on your vegetable garlands, feel free to embellish the room with fluffy lion, bear, or leopard. For the most artists of you, opt for decorations made by your beautiful family. Children are delighted to draw their favorite wild animals.

Otherwise,have to buy animal balloons or animal themed stickers to stick on walls or windows. Dress up the pet-patterned laundry table. You can also accessorize the furniture with animal-patterned cushions to reinforce this wild touch.

We think of balloons, essential!

Balloons are the centerpieces of a birthday party, no way to forget them! Besides animal balloons and numbers, you can also play with classic balloons and create a design and original balloon arch to perfect your birthday jungle décor. 

Balloons of different sizes, in different shades of green, with a golden touch, or alternated with orange or white balloons, will give volume to your décor. You can leave a few all over the room to allow the kids to have fun.

We choose jungle themed cushion covers

Store your classic cushion covers and make way for jungle-themed cushion covers. They will accessorize your sofa, your chairs to optimize comfort and why not place them on your carpet! The natural and tropical cushions will delight children and give them joy and a smile. Just choose the right patterns to entertain all the guests and stay in the theme.

Animal or plant motifs will easily blend into your savannah anniversary decoration.

Wood or raw materials such as wicker are added

To create a natural atmosphere, there is nothing like wood and rawmaterials. If you have wooden furniture in the garden, it’s perfect! 

Don’t hesitate to incorporate them into the décor. The decorative accessories in rattan or wicker will also be invited to the party. Present the mignardises and treats on wooden trays and crates, which will adorn the table. Bamboo is also a natural material that will evoke the jungle to perfection. Let your imagination run wild and create a unique and original natural atmosphere with these materials.

We opt for tropical table accessories

Bring the tropical touch to the tables. You’ll find jungle-patterned plates and napkins without any difficulty in creating an anniversary jungle décor, and you’ll pair them with wooden cutlery. Opt for cups in the theme or create the patterns yourself for a personalized  and DIY touch!

Create coasters and sub-plates  with large leaves pick up in your city park or garden. All you have to do is install a table linen with plant motifs.

A cake in the shape of a palm tree!

To top it all off, customize the birthday cake to the delight of the guests, and especially the king of the party. Opt for a palm-shaped cake to impress your child. Adorn the cake with original patterned candles. Your child will be looking forward to blowing them out and sharing the cake with his friends!

Top cushion covers on the theme of jungle

If you’re looking for decorative accessories to organize a jungle-themed birthday, know that  can be a great help. We offer a selection of the most beautiful Jungle themed cushions, suitable for an anniversary jungle décor. Our different collections will allow you to find the patterns and colors most suited to the atmosphere you want to create!

Note that cushion fillings are cozy, well bulging and very comfortable. They come in different sizes depending on the size of the cushion covers you choose. This allows for a nice well inflated effect.

Collection of palmerais cushion covers 

The collection of palm cushion covers is perfect for reinforcing the greenery in your savannah décor. They will bring nature into your interiors and easily embellish your chairs and sofa. The patterns in this range will be based throughout your décor and will harmonize with the whole. Cozy and comfortable, they will allow children to settle down with ease. 

Collection of tropical banana cushion covers

The cushions in the tropical banana collection are available at low prices. This allows you to finalize your birthday decoration without breaking the bank. The colours and patterns in this range are elegant and refined. These nature cushions will brighten up your party room and energize the décor. They will be perfect for accessorizing a neutral and sober sofa.

Tropical sun cushion cover

All you have to do is remove your classic cushion covers and slide your cushion padding into these tropical sun covers. Put them on the floor, in a corner of the party room, or on the sofa to maximize the feeling of comfort. The greenery of the patterns of these cushion covers will allow you to create a tropical atmosphere in the sitting area. So the jungle will be everywhere in your house, in every nook and crany!

Dark Jungle cushion cover

Teenagers can also throw a birthday party with jungle décor, but in a more modern and mature style. The  Dark Jungle cushion cover range will fit into the décor in style. Cactus, floral patterns, foliage in dark green tones will bring the natural touch to the room.

Jungle colors cushion covers  collection

If you want to bet on a vivid birthday jungle decoration, this collection of jungle colors cushion covers is for you. The beautiful colors of the plants on the white background of the cushions will give a touch of freshness and gaiety to the décor. Your children will be delighted to be in the middle of a beautiful nature while being on the couch.

Jungle trees  cushion covers collection

Create a mismatched and aesthetic effect on your sofa with this collection of rectangular cushions  with tropical motifs. The play of different shades of green on the large sheets that adorn the jungle trees cushions  will help you create a chic, modern and trendy décor. You can pair them with square, flamboyant green cushions for the pleasure of the eyes. Even adults will fall in love with this beautiful effect!

Black jungle cushion covers collection 

The Black Jungle cushion cover collection showcases jungle animals. They are highlighted in a very colorful décor on a black background. Parrot, pelican and pink flamingo harmonize with the colorful flowers and leaves of the cushions. You can pose them as a duo or trio on the same light-coloured sofa to attract the attention of the birthday party guests!

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Deco conclusion

Decoration can have a significant influence on mood. That’s why caring for your little piece of cabbage’s birthday decoration is crucial to make him dream and make him happy. Give him the feeling of being the king of the jungle through a beautiful successful jungle anniversary decoration.

Pay attention to different decorative accessories as you remember that small details can make all the difference. Don’t neglect any corner of your home to celebrate your child’s birthday properly.

With’s tropical-themed cushions, you can fine-tune your décor and invite nature to your sofa. Live in  an atmosphere of escape, celebration, and guaranteed adventure! Let yourself be tempted by our various collections of designer and high-end cushions.

Tropical cushion cover: yes even in winter they are perfect!