Christmas is fast approaching, it is time to prepare well to celebrate this holiday as it should, in cheerfulness and joy. Christmas is the perfect time to prove attachment, and to be generous. In addition to the tradition of giving yourself gifts, decorating the house is also a great initiative  for  all families.

Bringing Christmas magic to the interiors through decoration is the perfect way to share this great happiness with your loved ones. With an original and successful Christmas decoration, you will create a festive atmosphere and you will share an effervescence of love around you.

Despite the current global situation,there are a thousand and one ways to bring the Christmas spirit to life in  yourinterior. You can opt for a traditional deco style, choose a more streamlined decoration and play with the different decorative accessories in the  Christmastheme.

Christmas is not just a children’s party, it’s often  a time of nostalgia for grown-ups. At home, too? A few weeks ago, presented its 15 cheap gift ideas for Christmas 2020. Now  we offer you a zoom on the Christmas decoration at low prices.

This is the perfect opportunity to get together in a magical setting and share unforgettable moments together. To help you create a festive Christmas décor, we’ve created a top 9 cheap Christmas decorating ideas!

Why decorate your home for Christmas?

Christmas decoration provides joy, well-being and a sense of community in the home.  Decorating the house early has a significant influence on morale, and it generates magical emotions and excitement among young and old. It allows you to remember the moments spent with your family, and makes you swim in happiness. 

To create a festive atmosphere

Decorating the house for Christmas is an international tradition that aims to create a festive atmosphere. The Christmas decoration brings back childhood memories and allows you to celebrate nativity in joy. 

The colours and lighting give life to the rooms and enhance the festive atmosphere in the house. The table is elegant and friendly so that the family can share a good meal in a warm setting. The purpose of Christmas decoration is to share joy with loved ones and to convey happiness through a joyful style.

For the magic of Christmas

Christmas is an opportunity for everyone to dream, to be able to reconnect with childhood memories and to live unique moments with family. As december approaches, many people take out their Christmas decorations to bring this magic to life and prolong this excitement. The décor allows us to share the feeling of peace, unity, love, conviviality and joy. 

To please young and old

Waiting for Christmas is always very exciting, both for children and adults. Decorating the house in the theme is therefore an effective idea to have fun, and to wait in happiness. Gifts, colorful balls, luminous garlands, fir, decorated fireplace and various Christmas decoration elements will transform your home into a magical world where everyone can dream.

Our 8 ideas for the christmas-themed décor

Top 9 ideas for your cheap Christmas décor

You don’t need a big budget to decorate your home for Christmas. Thanks to our top 9 christmas decorating ideas at a low price, you can embellish your interiors and bring a magical breath of Christmas without breaking the  bank!

Garlands: traditional, bright, vegetal

Garlands are the stars of a successful Christmas decoration. Whether traditional, bright or vegetal, they will easily find room in your home for a successful festive atmosphere. 

The light garlands can adorn the entire edge of your roof, they can also add a magical touch to your interior decoration. It will illuminate the chimney or the tree. They can also be present in small touches, in jars here and there, or hanging from windows. 

Vegetable garlands are also perfect for inviting nature into your home to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. A variety of variations of low-priced garlands are available on the market. Just let your creativity run wild to choose the most suitable for your décor.

Think of the cushion covers in the Christmas theme!

To perfect your festive décor, think of the Christmas cushion covers that can give charm to your interiors. They will easily slip into the décor, and accentuate the magic of Christmas in your home. The cushions in the Christmas theme come in different styles, ranging from the most classic to the most colorful. 

Christmas trees, Santa Claus, message cushions like “Merry Christmas”, snowflake, reindeer,  deer heads or fir balls..  The choice  ofpatterns and colours is verywide. Design and quality cushions can be purchased at at a low price.

Christmas balls, must-have and easy in DIY

Must-have accessories to evoke Christmas, Christmas balls must be ubiquitous in your home. The tendency  to hang them on the Christmas tree has changed well over time. They can be placed on the table path, or used as decoration for your suspended fixtures. They may also be present in a Christmas wreath. 

If you like bright decoration, you can opt for multicolored balls. For a more refined and minimalist style, all-gold balls will do just fine. In addition, these Christmas decoration accessories are very easy to customize in DIY.

Hanging decorations

Hanging decorations are also welcome in a festive Christmas decoration. This is the perfect time to invite nature into your home with natural branches suspended above the fireplace. You can even use them on a wall to create an original tree. 

Balls, pine cones and garlands can also be hung as a decoration for windows or fixtures in your living room. These decorative accessories will allow you to bring the christmas magic to your home without having to spend a lot of money.

Scented Christmas candles

Candles are accessories that create a warm, cozy, and friendly atmosphere, the perfect atmosphere to celebrate Christmas. Do not hesitate to place them everywhere, their dim light will optimize the feeling of well-being and their fragrance will enchant the sense of smell. Place a few on the fireplace, along the table path, over furniture, or in a corner. Remember to keep your candles away from any fabric to avoid the risk of fires.

Don’t hesitate to play with the shapes and colors of the candles for a stylish and original effect.

The DIY Christmas wreath

Want to create a DIY Christmas décor to save money and add a personal touch to your home? The Christmas wreath will be a must have for  your Christmas decoration. This traditional accessory dates back centuries. Originally, it served as an advent calendar with 24 small candles. 

Your 2020 Christmas wreath can sit delicately on the door to greet your guests, at the top of the fireplace, on the windows or why not on the table. You have a wide choice as to the style of your Christmas wreath. 

Christmas stickers at the windows

Create the festive atmosphere up to the windows and share the Christmas spirit with the outside world by adorning your windows with Christmas stickers.  The patterns are varied depending on your needs: stars, snowflakes, snowman, Christmas reindeer, Christmas tree or Santa Claus… There’s something for everyone. These are cheap Christmas decorations ideal for perfecting your Christmas decoration.

A calendar of advent, made yourself

The Advent calendar is also a must for Christmas. It not only makes children wait in joy, but it also serves as decorative accessories in your home. It’s very easy to create your own advent calendar with a few small accessories. Get inspired by ideas in deco magazines or on internet tutorials.

Make your calendar with 24 windows with fabric, paper or cardboard!  ! You could also hang 24 small pooches on a cord. It all depends on the style of decoration you have adopted.

The traditional fir tree or its alternatives (to be made yourself)

Who says Christmas necessarily means Christmas! You can’t celebrate Christmas without the Christmas tree. For a minimalist and uncluttered Christmasedecoration, you can opt for a miniature christmas tree.

To get out of the ordinary and away from the big traditional fir tree, use your creativity and create a pretty wall fir with natural branches, a set of balls or light garlands on the wall. You can place your classic christmas tree in front of the window or in front of the fireplace for a successful Christmas spirit. 

Top Christmas Cushion Covers

To allow you to optimize comfort in your home while fine-tuning your Christmas decoration,  offers a selection of cushions suitable for the celebration of nativity. Let yourself be seduced by our different ranges of cushion christmas cushion covers, all as beautiful as each other.

Happy Holidays Collection

Share the holiday spirit with your guests and the whole family with cushions from’s Happy Holidays collection. The image of Santa Claus with his reindeer under the snow evokes Christmas to perfection. The message “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” embellishes this elegant and original cover. Size 43 x 43 cm, this cushion can be placed with plain cushions to enhance the image printed on the cover. It can also give charm to a chair or armchair placed near your fireplace for a warm and festive touch.

Collection Christmas Time Baby

The Merry Christmas Time Baby theme cushion covers are perfect for energizing a simple and uncluttereddécor. The play of  green  and  red on the light background of the cushion will give a refined and elegant style to your sofa. The different motifs ranging from the ball, through the deer or Santa Claus, will make your guests dream. You can ask them together for a cozy, warm and festive effect at the same time.

Collection Merry Christmas Family

To achieve a cheap Christmas decoration, there is nothing like design cushions bringing joy and cheerfulness to the interiors. recommends the Merry Christmas Family collection to wish the whole family a happy holiday in an original way. The combination of joyful illustrations and small messages distinguishes this range. 

Christmas red cushion cover collection

Are you a fan of classic, simple but refined decoration? You will definitely fall in love with our collection of red Christmas cushion cover. They will easily slip into the décor, whether on the carpet, on the chairs or on the sofa. Barley sugar, Christmas tree, balls or gifts adorn the red background, christmas flagship color and color of love. These cushions will add colour to a sober decoration.

And many more… is a reference e-shop  in terms of decorative cushions. You’ll be spoilt for choice depending on the atmosphere and style you want to create in your home for Christmas. Don’t hesitate to discover other collections of Christmas cushions like those in  Nordic style.

Deco conclusion

TheChristmas decoration provides joy and excitement for young and old alike. That is why it should not be neglected. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of Christmas and create a magical and magical atmosphere in your interiors. For Christmas 2020, warmly dress your home for you and your family.

With our cheap Christmas decorating ideas, you’ll be sure to teleport your guests to a unique universe. Don’t forget that small details like decorative cushions can make all the difference!

Discover all our cushions in the Christmas spirit!