Rectangular cushions and cushions in general  are essential accessories in an interior decoration. In addition to providing comfort and a cozy and cozy atmosphere to a room, they also offer an aesthetic side in the home. They add a final touch to a decoration. Available in different shapes,  decorative cushions  easily find their place in a room. The rectangular cushion covers are very trendy in 2020,that’s a fact!

If you’re used to accessorizing the sofa with square cushions, be aware that incorporating rectangular cushions can make all the difference. They allow you to create a mismatched effect, original and very fashionable at the moment.

The rectangular cushion covers come in different sizes, colours, materials, and patterns. This allows you to adopt them regardless of the style of your interior decoration. But why prefer rectangular cushions to other shapes?

Where can rectangular cushions be installed?

Cozy rectangular cushion covers can be seen in any room in the house. They will offer softness and warmth to your bedroom, living room and even outdoors.

In the living room, on the sofa or in an armchair

The sofa is the perfect place to create a comfort zone with your rectangular cushions. If you have a large sofa, don’t hesitate to have four or five rectangular cushions  along the edges of your sofa. Give the latter more style by adding a small cushion of another shape in the middle. 

If your sofa is small, put only two cushions on the armrests, with a smaller cushion in the middle.

The rule is always the same regardless of the shapes of your cushions: favour the odd number. Your rectangular cushion cover can also break the symmetry of your sofa’s square cushions, and slip onto the overlay of large square cushions. To create a comfortable atmosphere and successful cocooning, feel free to accessorize your chair with a pretty rectangular patterned cushion.

On a bed, as an extra pillow 

The room is a room that should be comfortable and pleasant to live in as we spend our time relaxing. The  quality cushions, design and cozy will therefore promote this feeling of comfort and well-being in this room. The rectangular bed cushion covers can perfectly serve as an extra pillow on the bed, while energizing the bedroom décor. Placed alone, with square pillows or several, these cushions will give a style to the taste of the day to your room.

Rectangular cushions for your terrace and garden

Are you lucky enough to have an outdoor space? That’s great! To be able to spend unique moments of relaxation, consider decorating it carefully with garden furniture and exterior cushion covers. Play with the colors to energize this little paradise corner and feel free to abuse the cushions to create an inviting atmosphere at rest.

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Why are rectangular cushion covers trending in 2020?

Want to redesign your interiors at a low price? The rectangular cushion covers are must have for this year 2020. Very popular at the moment, you will make your interiors trendy by adopting them. Find out why they’re so popular!

Rectangular cushions can be found in all interior design styles

Whether you’re a nordic, tropical, seaside or contemporary décor enthusiast, it won’t be hard to find rectangular cushions in the theme. A wide range of rectangular cushions of all styles is offered to you by experts in decoration like They will easily slip into your décor and enhance the desired atmosphere through various patterns and colors. Between  Scandinavian rectangular cushion cover, ethnic rectangular cushions, or jungle and marine theme,  the choice is vast.

These are perfect accessories for a successful deco makeover 

Refreshing the décor and redesigning a room doesn’t necessarily require a huge budget. You can give a second life to your decoration with good accessories like rectangular cushion covers. With different sizes, colors, and patterns, it’s easy to add character to your pieces.  To have a well bulging and pretty effect, opt for fillings the same size as cushion covers. Select the padding cushions here.

Thanks to the different variations of rectangular cushion covers styles, you can change them from time to time so you don’t get tired of them easily. Finally, cushions are decorative elements offered at very affordable prices. You will be able to change your décor while preserving your portfolio!

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The rectangular cushions are comfortable because they are larger than the standard size cushions

Opting for rectangular cushions not only allows you to get out of the ordinary, but it’s also an effective way to maximize comfort in your rooms. Compared to standard  45x45cm cushions, rectangular cushions are larger, often in size 30x50cm. So they’re perfect for creating a cozy, cocooning effect to a room, whether they’re on the bed, on the chair or on the couch.

The rectangular cushions bring relief and structure to your sofa

What could be nicer than to be able to relax on the couch, in unparalleled comfort, in front of a good book or in front of the TV! The rectangular sofa cushions give relief and structure to thismainelement of your living room. Your guests will be able to sit comfortably on your soft, soft sofa. 

If you’re looking for a cozy and zen effect, consider laying several small rectangular cushions by creating a shade of color or playing with the patterns. Nothing prevents you from combining them with square cushions for an original set of shapes.

They come in a wide range of colours, patterns and textures

You won’t have a hard time finding the rectangular cushion covers that match your decoration. These accessories allow you to customize your interiors as you see fit as they come in a wide range of colours, patterns and textures. There’s something for every taste and every need, and at a low price. 

Whether it’s for a special occasion like Christmas  or simply to invite a specific ambience into your interiors, such as the tropical atmosphere or seaside, you will easily find the appropriate rectangular cushions.

Pastel cushions,  mustard yellow  or  duck blue, geometric shapes, are proposed to allow you to create a warm Scandinavian atmosphere. A range of blue cushions will fine-tune your natural or seaside décor, not to mention the marine cushions. You can also opt for sober and very classic cushions for a contemporary and minimalist style. 

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At, a nice selection of rectangular cushion covers awaits you!  Many collections of rectangular cushion covers are available. For a few euros, you can transform your interiors and embellish your exteriors with cushions of very good quality, and design. But what are the collections not to be missed? Check out our selection of the most fashionable rectangular cushions right away!

Tropical cushion cover collection

The tropical style décor is very much appreciated at the moment. Bring freshness and a touch of nature to your living room or bedrooms with’s tropical cushion cover collection.  A breath of escape and adventure will reign in your interiors thanks to the different motifs evoking the tropical universe such as large green foliage, flamingos, zebras and colorful vegetation. 

These accessories are perfect for energizing ae sober and uncluttered décor because they will bring color while giving life to the decoration. By placing them on your sofa, you will create a successful change of scenery effect. They can also sit on your garden furniture to enhance the natural and peaceful style.

Macramé Collection has also thought of the Boho style enthusiasts with the Macramé cushion covers collection. Find a variety of rectangular cushion covers 30 x 50 cm with differentcomfortpatterns. The  macramé cushions are original and can embellish a child’s room without worry, just like theadults..  Opt for quality fillings,s  these cushions offer a well bulging and very comfortable effect.

Collection Doggy Style

Want to create an original, funny and fun décor? Do you like animal cushions?   That’s a good thing.  Open the Doggy Style rectangular cushion range and let yourself be seduced by the different patterns on offer. White or blue, these 30 x 50 cm cushions will give style to a child’s room, a teenager or why not on the sofa! A small message completes the entertaining illustrations of the cushion covers. This fun range is perfect for giving your guests a smile!

Love Free cushion cover

Vintage-style teens will be seduced by this pretty rectangular Love Free cushion cover. This cushion will easily slip into the room to bring style to the room. Placed on the bed, on the sofa or the armchair of the room, this cushion will bring a personalized touch to your decoration.

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Jungle Trees Collection 

Embrace an original and successful jungle style in your interiors with the Jungle trees rectangular cushion cover collection. The  foliage  is the perfect addition to this range of cushions. The play of shades ofcolour  gives a refined, chic and design look. These cushions can sit together on a sober sofa, but can also be placed alternately with plain cushions. We love them as a duet!

Scandinavian Beauty cushion cover

We appreciate the Scandinavian style for its warm, cozy, cozy and cocooning side. If you too want to adopt nordic style in your home, don’t hesitate to take a look at the Scandinavian Beauty rectangular cushion cover collection. You won’t resist these pretty patterns evoking the world of the Nordic countries to perfection. Pink flamingo or deer head are available in different patterns ranging from geometric shapes in pastel-coloured cameos to the signature colours of this type of decoration, including yellow and duck blue. 

Scandinavian Nordic Collection

Decorate your home with this collection of cushions where geometric shapes are put in the spotlight! Diamonds, checkerboards or stripes will be invited in your rooms. Bring a warm and vibrant colour to your living room with the different models of yellow rectangular cushions from the Nordic Scandinavian range. The  black and white cushions will provide sobriety for a colorful room. Perfect for accessorizing a plain sofa in neutral color, the rectangular cushions of this line are very trendy and are available in 30 x 50 cm.

Deco conclusion

As you can see, the choice in terms of rectangular cushion covers is very wide at Just be creative enough and choose the patterns and colors in order to maintain consistency throughout the décor and the trick will be played!

Accessorize your bed, sofa or garden furniture with these trendy cushions  to accentuate the feeling of comfort, while embellishing the spaces.

The makeover of a room will be done with a small budget, but with a successful and original effect assured. Let yourself be tempted by our different ranges of rectangular cushions and transform your interiors according to the atmosphere you’ve always dreamed of!

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